Painting the West ..

✦ Kate Withers ..  a professional artist living a great nomadic lifestyle .. warm deserts in the winter .. mountains or the high Colorado Plateau in the summer. Spent many years exploring and working seasonally in the majestic National Parks of the West. 


Primarily a landscape painter .. many oil studies are painted plein-air [on location] while on extended camping expeditions in the vast American outback .. the clear light and vivid colors are so enticing .. one is compelled to linger and observe.  My focus is to create a convincing sense of place .. of being there .. the stunning light .. the radiant colors .. the sense of a living presence. 

Love the High Desert.


By contrast .. large studio paintings tend to focus on attempts at revealing the underlying Archetypes .. any visual reference is just a point of departure.  With an abiding interest in universal patterns and fractual stylized designs .. along with strong use of color .. these paintings are explorations of another kind.


* Why Paint *

One of the many benefits from this life-long pursuit is 'learning to see'.. how deeply beautiful the world becomes .. that in itself is reason enough to train the eye.  Nature opens up from close observation .. the unexpected colors that catch the eye .. seeing the universal patterns that appear in all the primal elements .. astounding in it's simple complexity.

And perhaps a view into another reality ..

In my view of the world .. it's there looking at you .. with you .. maybe is you .. always a deep communication .. beyond the social concept of beauty .. more profound and powerful than we can fathom.   There is beauty so great that it will bring you to tears .. why is that?   Regretfully this question will not be answered in my paintings .. but addresses it by explorations of the powerful visual symbols that surround us .. sky .. mountains .. rocks .. the timeless play of light .. all immersed in the ordinary magic of being.


capitol reef torrey rocks at sunset painting © Km Withers

'Capitol Reef - Torrey Glow'